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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LI Celebrity Alert: Michelle Rodriguez

Yep, lactose intolerance causes gas. Really bad, really smelly gas.

But how blunt about about it do you have to be? Especially if you're a celebrity whose every word gets quoted by the "media." Or at least celebrity gossip blogs.

Case in point. Michelle Rodriguez. (She was on the tv show Lost if you didn't know.) The gossip site caught her out late the other night, where she said...

Michelle Rodriguez is never at a loss for words -- if only she were last night!

TMZ caught the always wacked-out ex-"Lost" 'tailie' in New York at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Week show, where M-Rod turned down free ice cream courtesy of Kate Spade because, "Milk makes me fart, sorry!"

Damn! Girl couldn't just say she's lactose intolerant?!

As Gene Kelly said in Singin' in the Rain, "Class. Always class."

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