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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are Lactaid Scoopfuls MIA?

Lactaid is one of the few companies, if not the only one, to make completely lactose free ice cream in a variety of flavors, as I reported last year in Lactaid Scoopfuls.

I said at the time that Lactaid didn't even mention Scoopfuls on its own webs site. Today it does, kinda. There is a product request form page that mentions Scoopfuls as part of a form that readers can send to store managers as a "wish list of LACTAID® Brand Products that we hope you will carry in your store." But no ice cream is listed under the regular products page.

So is Lactaid Scoopfuls currently in any store?

Amazon no longer lists Scoopfuls on its web site. All links to the Scoopfuls pages return an error message. Even the one from the Amazon ad for Lactaid Scoopfuls that appears when you enter those words into Google!

I tried dozens of other links that popped up at the Google search page, but each of them apparently had originally led eventually to Amazon, and each of them turned up broken or empty.

If anybody out there knows of a site that still sells Lactaid Spoonfuls, please let me know. I'll try to get in touch with someone at Lactaid who might know what's going on.

Otherwise, the first paragraph of my previous post on Scoopfuls holds up better than ever.

Where's the lactose-free ice cream, everybody asks. It doesn't sell, I reply.

So true. So sadly true.

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1 comment:

isa said...

I just bought some at the shipping is really high, but we decided to try it out anyway.. thats the only place i found it at.