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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dumbest Lactose Intolerance Reference of the Day

Premier's magazine's review of the new movie Shoot 'Em Up.

Subscribing to the notion that violence is more fun when there's also sex, the picture nods to necrophilia, sadism, fetishism, and role play — all of which culminates in an unforgettable moment wherein Smith shoots his way to freedom with DQ wrapped around his hips, grinding her way to orgasm. For certain lovers of the over-the-top, all-out action film who are neither squeamish nor lactose intolerant, the film's sensory overload could prove just the right combination of guns and, um, racks — the sort of thing that's been largely absent from screens this summer (given such chaste blockbusters as Live Free or Die Hard). And as a bonus, it contains, at least, the best death-by-carrot scene in the history of film.

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