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Saturday, September 15, 2007

A "Breastfeeding-Friendly" Environment, with Dairy-Free Options

The U.S. is apparently not the only country in which otherwise sane adults grow hysterical at the site of a women breastfeeding her baby. New Zealand has the same problem.

Cure? A "breastfeeding-friendly" environment.

Adam Long started Koffee Kulture after women had been told not to breastfeed in other upscale cafés.

According to an article by Andy Hay on the New Zealand Herald website:

As well as allowing mothers to feed anywhere in the café, it provides a breastfeeding booth, so a mother can feed baby in private and keep an eye on siblings in the play area, Long says.

The café also offers gluten and dairy-free options, hosts a pram walking group and holds "bouncy castle days".

Other parent and child-friendly cafés have been popping up all over New Zealand as well.

Good for them. It's a trend we need to import.

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