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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Local Lactose-Free Foods, U.S. West

Part 2 of a collection of links to local restaurants selling lactose-free, dairy-free, vegan or some similar worthy food.

Today: U.S. West

Yogen Früz Opens First San Francisco Location at the Embarcadero Center press release.

Yogen Früz, a frozen yogurt chain with 1,100 stores in over 20 countries, is launching a bid for a major scoop of the American fro-yo market with the opening of its first San Francisco store on May 30-31. Located at 3 Embarcadero Center, the new San Fran store is one of 30 locations expected to open across the U.S. this year, introducing Yogen Früz’s signature create-your-own yogurt/fruit blends to American consumers….

The menu is anchored by Yogen Früz’s “Blend It” — a combination of low-fat, non-fat or no-sugar-added frozen yogurt and any of 16 varieties of flash-frozen fresh fruit mixed in the company’s proprietary machines while customers watch — as well as a “Top It” option featuring plain yogurt with a choice of 18 toppings from fruit to granola, carob chips and Cap’n Crunch. Other menu selections include dairy and non-dairy smoothies, fresh fruit cups, and parfait-style breakfast yogurt layered with fresh berries….

In addition to San Francisco, Yogen Fruz will also be opening a new location in Puerto Rico this weekend as well as Orland Square, IL in June.

Pat Ferrier wrote that Sid Wiggy's whips up dairy-free frozen treat on
Sid Wiggy's Coconut Creations, a local ice cream company that produces a frozen treat from organic coconut milk, agave and natural flavors, is making a name for itself through sales at Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, Beavers Market and Edwards House Bed & Breakfast. …

Created by Greg Belcher and Leslie Vogt, longtime owners of Edwards House Bed & Breakfast, it is producing about 1,600 pints per month in five flavors: coffee, coconut, chocolate, vanilla and mint chip.
The treat is an alternative for vegans, people who are lactose intolerant or who just want to avoid animal fats and white sugar, Vogt said.

Sid Wiggy’s.

Amici's in San Mateo, reviewed by Michael Bauer of the San Francisco Chronicle.
Amici's is a local chain that started more than 20 years ago in San Mateo, so I decided to go back to home base to check out the pizza, which is now available in 10 locations around the Bay Area. It was started by Peter Cooperstein, a transplanted New Yorker and his partner, Mike Forter, who at the time was manager of the original Village Pizzeria on Steiner Street in San Francisco. I've had Amici's pizza many times, but it's usually a takeout order, and the visit here shows me how much better the just-out-of-the-oven version really is….

There's also a lowfat and lactose-free pizza.


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