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Friday, July 25, 2008

Cats And Milk Don't Mix

Cats and milk don't mix is the title of this week's Pet Chat column by Nanette Pearl.

I've tackled this issue before as well, though not for a while. So it's good to have this reminder once again that cats are as lactose intolerant as any adult mammal.

Many people believe that cats should and need to be fed milk when in fact, feeding milk will often cause your cat more harm than good.

Many cats are lactose intolerant. This means that they are missing the natural enzyme needed to properly digest lactose, a sugar present in milk.

Drinking milk may often cause your cat to suffer from diarrhea, which in turn may quickly lead to dehydration. This can become a serious health concern.

There are far better products formulated specifically for your cat's health, and you and your cat will lead longer, happier lives if you stick to them.

However, if you lack the will to keep you cat dairy free:
If your cat enjoys milk, and you would like to give them a treat once in a while, there are specially formulated milk products on the market that have been made especially for cats. As with any treats, give in moderation.

I've written about these treats before, too. See my Catsip for Cats post.

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