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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Government Still Wants Your Vegan Recipes!

I still don't know whether it's a warning or a sign of progressive thinking, because the link gave me no information, but seeing "The Government still wants your Vegan Recipes!" on a site sure opens my eyes.

The UK's Vegan Society has a big, active, and recently redesigned website. I guess they're still getting the kinks out because some of the front page links don't do much of anything useful.

Some of the content looks good, though.

For example, the Vegan Catering for All link takes you to a 36-page color .pdf brochure that gives guidance for the beginning vegan and those who want to prepare vegan foods.

If you don' have a color printer, you can order copies from the Society via the contact information on their fron page.

They're also doing a Vegan Catering Challenge 2008, though you wouldn't know it by the website, which has no information on it.

A work in progress.

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