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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get a Kick in Your Dairy-Air

Connie Goff, of the Maryville MO, Daily Forum, wrote a little promotional article celebrating the opening of Maria Jones' Sweet Dairy-Air soft-serve ice cream store.

Why would I be mentioning it here? Because of the following astounding sentence:

Flavor Burst ice cream is a lactose product, so those with lactose intolerance problems will find that it will be just the right treat for them.

That doesn't even make sense if you put a "not" in there. (Why would anyone phrase it to say "it will not be just the right treat"?) Could she have possibly meant that Flavor Burst ice cream is a lactose-free product? I doubt it. I searched their web site and found no evidence that that might be true.

Just another day of my scratching my head over the weirdness of the world.

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