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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lactose-Free Egg Nog

Lactose-free egg nog is like lactose-free everything else. You start with lactose-free milk and then proceed as per usual. All the Dairy-Free Egg Nog recipes I linked to yesterday are also lactose-free, of course, but won't have any milk in them at all.

These recipes, therefore, are just for the lactose intolerant, not the milk allergic or vegans.

The Sneaky Kitchen has a recipe that starts with regular Lactaid brand lactose-free milk, but you can use any brand of lactose-free milk in it.

Lactaid does have a premade Eggnog of its own that it rolls out during the holiday season. The Lactaid site also has a EggNog Cinnamon French Toast recipe that starts with its Eggnog. (Why the capital N in the recipe title when there isn't one in the drink? Copyeditors are expensive.)

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