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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal Glandular Products

"Search" is the most amazing aspect of the Internet. Forget about YouTube or FailBlog. It's when you enter terms into Search that you find the things that prove that solipsism can't be true. Your mind could never invent these, so it's impossible that the universe is a figment of your imagination.

Don't believe me? Then believe your eyes. I present Animal Glandular Products: Milk, Camel, Infant Formula, Lactose Intolerance, Ambergris, Chocolate Milk, Lanolin, Dairy Farming, Milkshake.


Product Description
Chapters: Milk, Camel, Infant Formula, Lactose Intolerance, Ambergris, Chocolate Milk, Lanolin, Dairy Farming, Milkshake, United States Raw Milk Debate, Breast Pump, Asses' Milk, Condensed Milk, Bulk Tank, Lactation, 1933 Wisconsin Milk Strike, Fat Content of Milk, Musk, Victor Horsley, Egg Cream, Gerber Method, Ultra-High-Temperature Processing, Buttermilk, Powdered Milk, Whey, Evaporated Milk, Milking Pipeline, Osteoblast Milk Protein, Castoreum, Moose Milk, Lactagen, Milk Float, Milk Paint, A2 Milk, Frijj, Curd, Coffee Milk, Cow Blowing, Malted Milk, Milkman, Flavored Milk, Lactofree, Babcock Test, Ocean of Milk, Sheep Milk, Milkmaid, Maine's Own Organic Milk Company, Buffalo Curd, F-100, Doogh, Strawberry Milk, Unistraw, Ymer, Babycino, Milk Marketing Board, Ambrein, Whey Acidic Protein, Ginger Milk Curd, Baked Milk, Scalded Milk, Channel Island Milk, Microfoam, Milk Basic Protein, Ultrafiltered Milk, Chaas, Special Milk Program, Soda Sữa Hột Gà, Vanilla Milk, Milk Protein Concentrate, Utilization Rates, Vio, Steamer, Ox Gall, Agglutinin, Lactometer.


It's a brand name of milkshake. And the madness comes full circle.

Available at

PDF download
336 pages
Reprinted: 2010, General Books, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
List price: $9.99

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