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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another False Milk Claim

Another unique characteristic of Ronnybrook milk is that it's unhomogenized. Instead, the cream that naturally rises to the top of a glass jug of milk remains there, unless you decide to shake it up. The result, Osofsky explained, is milk that the body can more easily digest, especially for people who typically have trouble digesting lactose.

"We have a lot of families that drink our milk because they're lactose intolerant," he said.

The quote comes from an article by Jaclyn Bruntfield in the Harrison Patch.

The article is terrible for our purposes because Bruntfield never bothers to say whether the milk is "raw," i.e. unpasteurized, a claim that is often made - totally wrongly, in my estimation - for milk drinkable by those with lactose intolerance.

If possible, a claim that unhomogenized milk is safer for those with LI is even wronger.

Ignore it at your peril.

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