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Monday, January 22, 2007

How Sick Are You, Brits?

No wonder you lost your empire, Britannia. Your people are too feeble to get about in their daily lives.

Or at least that's the impression I get from this article on

A new report from Allergy UK has found that 45 percent of common health complaints in Britain are directly caused by food intolerance.

Allergy UK exec Muriel Simmons revealed her medical charity's findings on the widespread prevalence of food intolerance and called for assistance from Britain's National Health Service and grand practitioners, the Independent said.

"Around 20 million people are suffering from symptoms that impact on their daily lives and yet they are not able to get help from the NHS," Simmons said. "We want to see more dietary advice being available and more training given to GPs so that they can recognize that food could be the trigger for some of the symptoms that they are seeing on a daily basis."

The most common instances of food intolerance are related to milk and its contained sugar, known as lactose, along with gluten and wheat.

20 million people is a full third of the population, man, woman, child, and royal. They all have symptoms that impact their daily lives? Time to dismantle the NHS and start over. Or is the real issue all those homeopathic "remedies" that you not merely allow but officially push?

Get a grip, Britain. Lactose intolerance is not hampering the daily lives of one-third of your population and neither is gluten intolerance, a problem way down in the single digit percentages.

Any Brits out there want to defend their country from this report?

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