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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Source of Stem Calls? A Good Thing?

Over at they report that:

Scientists has reported the discovery of a new source of human stem cells that have the capability to develop into many different types of cells, including muscle, bone, fat, blood vessel, nerve and liver cells.

These stem cells, found in amniotic fluid, could one day lead to a readily available supply of stem cells that don't come with the ethical problems surrounding embryonic stem cells.

Are the people who have been screaming that all the benefits ever needed can be garnered from adult stem cells going to badmouth this discovery too?

Just wondering.

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Pat Cornely said...

I am a registred nurse who has done a great deal of reading and studying about the potential of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. And I am one of those you describe as "screaming" and no we are not going to "badmouth" this discovery! This source of human stem cells does not destroy an embryo. You and I were an embryo in the early stage of our development! Pat Cornely

Steve Carper said...

You must realize that if these particular embryos, the ones harvested from frozen banks, are not "destroyed" in the process of potentially saving lives and curing diseases, they will still be assuredly destroyed period, providing no useful purpose to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Do you honestly consider this to be the superior moral as well as medical alternative?

If yes, why? They are not people. They never will become people. We were all once sperm and egg, and these are slaughtered by the billions without thought. They do not magically become people upon fusing. There is no such thing as a soul. Whatever and whenever human life means or begins, it cannot possibility be said to reside in a set of cells that will be - properly - one day thrown away like all other medical waste.

Your religious beliefs apparent contradict this. I have no interest in your religious beliefs. Honestly, none whatsoever. Your religious beliefs need to stop at the edges of your skin and not impinge on my morality. And most certainly, not impinge on the laws of a secular nation.

If you still consider this procedure to be murder of some bizarre definition, then publicly pledge to abjure the results of any embryonic stem cell research. That would be a moral stand.

Pat Cornely said...

My religious beliefs are not the reason for my position on embryonic stem cell research. If I were a pagan, I would still take the same position because of the natural law planted deep in my heart.

Steve Carper said...

Yes, that's what I said. Christians are notorious for the delusion that their religious beliefs are universal natural laws, which is why they want to encode those beliefs in federal and state statutes.

I'll pass on your delusions, thank you. Leave my laws alone and practice your religion on your own bodies.

Pat Cornely said...

As I reread the comments of both of us, it is evident that the tone and content of our comments are quite different. Although I do not agree with your position on embryonic stem cell research or with your philosophy, I do not attack you as a person because of this.
I respect you and appreciate all that you have done to help those of us with lactose intolerance. Thank you for that. PAX!