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Thursday, October 08, 2009

British Mom Markets Dairy-Free Desserts

I've done so many stories on moms who have created cookbooks or foods or entire stores based on their need to experiment with recipes for their allergic kids that I could probably fill this whole post with links.

Probably the biggest success story of them all was Patricia Wheway, creator of a whole line of free-from foods for a British supermarket chain.

Kristy Henshaw is meeting with similar success on a smaller scale. On the Lancashire Evening Post website, Melanie Wallwork reported that Kristy:

created a frozen, dairy-free dessert which is low in calories, boosts the immune system and can be enjoyed by diabetics and people with allergies.

The mother-of-one came up with the idea for desserts Coconuka and Coconice after struggling to find one suitable for her dairy-intolerant son Jacob, aged three.

The desserts use "a mix of brown rice milk, coconut oil, New Zealand Manuka honey and Echinacea – all known for their health giving properties. Coconice, a vegan alternative, is sweetened with fruit extracts and comes in three flavours, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla."

Those are similar to the several frozen desserts made with coconut milk that have been introduced in the U.S. over the past couple of years. It's a guarantee that the UK market will see many more coconut milk frozen desserts. It's the hottest new fad in the dairy-free world.

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