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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We Hit the Quarter Million Mark

I started Steve Carper Lactose Intolerance Clearinghouse in the early days of the web, in 1997, as a way to continually update the information in my then newly published book Milk Is Not for Every Body: Living with Lactose Intolerance.

It started as no more than a few pages created in Word, before I had learned even basic HTML. I knew from the beginning, though, that I wanted to a way to get as much info from others and share it as widely as I could. That's why I named it a Clearinghouse.

Clearinghouse it's been. Dozens, if not hundreds of others have sent me info on every possible aspect of Lactose Intolerance. Today's the site's grown to over 100 pages, with information that literally can't be found anywhere else on the Net. My Product Clearinghouse lists every nationally available milk substitute product I'm aware of, along with dozens of items from countries around the world, countries which a few years ago had nothing for those who are LI. My Milk-Free Bookstore lists just about every book that might be of interest to those needing to avoid milk for any reason. I have answers to questions sent in by the thousands. And of course I have the basic information everyone needs about LI and dairy products.

I'm proud to say that my hit counter has finally gone over the magic 250,000 mark. That's probably conservative – I didn't have a counter at all in the early days – but it still means a lot. Thanks for all the support and praise you've sent me all these years.

I'm putting more time into this blog these days. It's just easier to update on a daily basis. That doesn't mean that the website is going to fall into dust. I'm still adding products, sites, books, and links to the site and I plan to continue doing so as long as there's a need.

Thanks again, everyone. I would have stopped long ago if it weren't for all of you. That's why I'm saying "We" Hit the Quarter Million Mark.

Steve Carper's Lactose Intolerance Clearinghouse.

P.S. If you forget the URL, just enter You'll be redirected to the site.

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