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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dairy Free Alpro

Alpro Soya is a major UK maker of dairy-free soy - or soya in non-American-speak - products. It produces both Alpro drinks and the organic line called Provamel.

They've revamped their website and rebranded their line of drinks. is reporting that:

Alpro recently announced that it is rebranding its chocolate milk range as Alpro Soya Dairy Free Chocolate Shake, which it is supporting with a nationwide campaign. The company also recently revamped its Oy! Dairy Free Shakes for kids and its core range of dairy-free alternatives to milk.

The chocolate milk overhaul is part of Alpro's strategy to encourage consumers to try soya alternatives and take the niche product into the mainstream.

The U.S. market has responded well to soy milk in mainstream supermarkets, so let's hope this strategy works just as well in the U.K., which has been several years behind the states in awareness of lactose intolerance and dairy allergies. And that meant that products for the lactose intolerant and dairy allergic have been harder to find.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I tried emailing you (address from your other web site) but it bounced back to me. How can I email you? I have info about making your own lactose free yogurt that I'm anxious to share. Thanks. -Lynn Use my yahoo address if you want to email me (i hate that spammers will see this - but maybe you can delete it?)