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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Working with Schools on Food Allergies

Katie Smith, the Food Editor of the Toledo Blade, wote an article with some good advice for children and parents about working with schools when it comes to food problem for kids with allergies, including dairy allergy, and even lactose intolerance.

• For children: Don’t hesitate if you think you are not allowed to have a food. Do ask cafeteria staff about the food.

• For parents and caregivers: Communication with the school is important. “Talk with the school principal, school nurse, and teacher,” says Joe Taylor, principal of Fairfield Elementary School in Maumee. This way they can address any food brought in for treats and during school assemblies as well as school lunch.

• For food service personnel: Call a school nurse if a child questions a food. Often, the label on a food product will list the ingredients and answer the child’s questions, too, notes [Mary Bottoni, food service manager for Maumee City Schools].

• For other classroom parents: Let any parents bringing food into the classroom know about food allergies of the student(s) while respecting confidentiality.

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