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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lactaid Scoopfuls

Where's the lactose-free ice cream, everybody asks. It doesn't sell, I reply.

But it's out there if you look for it. Breyer's makes 100% lactose free vanilla ice cream.

And Lactaid is back in the game. Lactaid had reduced-lactose ice cream before anyone else. Then it seemingly disappeared. I think the problem was that people with enough lactose intolerance not to want to take a chance on eating regular ice cream also don't want to take a chance on eating even reduced-lactose ice cream. They want it all. Er, nothing. Nothing at all, that is: 100% lactose free ice cream.

And now they have it. Lactaid Spoonfuls comes in two flavors, Classic Vanilla and Double Chocolate Chip. [When originally introduced, five flavors were in the press release but I can't find the other three today. But my Sunday post that led me to searching for more on Lactaid Scoopfuls, does mention all five flavors. They seem to be available in the Washington, DC. Area, apparently. Let me know where and if they are still out there anyplace else.]

Both links go to In a quick Google search, all the online sites seemed to eventually wind up with a link to Amazon, but somebody else must sell it. A Yahoo answers said that Walgreens sold Lactaid Scoopfuls, but it didn't come up on the Walgreens web site.

It gets worse. Lactaid Scoopfuls are made by the big milk producer HP Hood. Hood was the east coast Lactaid dairy licensee for a decade before entering into a national agreement to make and market Lactaid milk products. But if you go to the HP Hood website, Lactaid is nowhere listed as a product. There is a link to the Lactaid website – but that doesn't mention ice cream.

I give up. Order Lactaid Scoopfuls from Amazon. Real milk ice cream in vanilla and chocolate with no lactose. Keep the flavors alive.

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Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know. I have been able to find lactaid scoopfuls for over two years now. 5 out of 6 of our local grocery stores carry it (the vanilla and chocolate chip flavors at least). I was able to find one pint of the cappuccino flavored ice cream about a year ago, but that dissapeared. I'm not sure where you folks are located, but I am in Bangor, Maine, and it's all over the place. The only place around here that doesn't sell it is the Wal-Mart super center (hint..hint). I know that HP hood is located in Massachusetts, and perhaps that explains why it is so readily available in my area.

David said...

I moved up to Seattle from San Jose a year and a half ago. I used to buy Lactaid Ice Cream in San Jose at Safeway. When I moved up I could not find it anywhere. I called Lactaid and then told me where they distribute it today.and listed the places and cities. She told me they do not distribute to the Northwest.

I just went to a wedding in San Jose this weekend and went to Safeway to buy some of that ice cream I missed. But the three different Safeways I went to told me that they dont carry it anymore. I already ordered once from Amazon and loved it, but shipping costs a lot. Good luck finding another source.

Anonymous said...

Our local Lucky store carried Lactaid ice cream last summer, but when I asked about it this year they pointed me to the Soy ice cream. They do not seem to know the difference. I cannot find this stuff anywhere and as a native of Wisconsin where ingesting dairy is practically a mandate, I am compelled to search for this stuff because it tastes exactly like real ice cream. If anyone knows which grocery stores have it, let me know. I am in the East Bay, California.

katie said...

Hannaford grocery stores in New Hampshire sells both the vanilla and the chocolate ice cream. Lactaid brand supposedly make strawberry's and cream also but, I have never seen it. In hannafords they keep lactaid ice cream next to ben and jerry's and local made ice creams.

Anonymous said...

My mother who is I'll and now going through pt became lactose intolerant likes the Breyers vanilla but would like to find other flavors especially strawberry lactose free ice cream. We are in Camden Co. NJ. I have no problems finding vanilla and chocolate any info would be appriciated. Thanks Gilly from Philly123012301230