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Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Summer Frozen Treats

There are more non-dairy and lactose-reduced summer frozen treats out there than I can get to. Fortunately, the Washington Post has a nice article comparing and taste-testing a whole range of them.

Breyer's Lactose-Free Natural Vanilla ice cream comes out on top, averaging 4.5 stars, mainly because it's, well, ice cream. Real ice cream with lactase added. This is great for those with lactose intolerance: not-so-good for vegans or those with dairy allergies.

So check out Soy Delicious Purely Decadent soy-based non-dairy frozen dessert, average rating: 3.5 stars; Rice Dream brown rice-based frozen dessert, average rating: 2.5 stars; and Tofutti Milk Free Premium Frozen Dessert, also soy-based, average rating 2.5 stars.

And then there is also LaLoo's Goat's Milk Ice Cream. This again is real ice cream, nothing reduced. It claims to be low-lactose, but I don't know what they base that on. Goat's milk has the same amount of lactose as cow's milk. Those with cow's milk protein allergies may be able to have this safely, because goat's milk has a different set of proteins than cow's milk, but test it first to see if it affects you.

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