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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dairy Ease Lactose Free Milk

It's been so long since I've seen Dairy Ease Lactose Free Milk on the shelves that I had come to believe it was no longer being made.

Wrong. I just encountered it while traveling in a Trader Joe's store.

So I sought out its website and lo and behold there it is,

Dairy Ease comes in whole milk, 2% reduced fat and fat free varieties. Each is 100% lactose free by the addition of lactase to the milk. It is real cow's milk, not a milk substitute.

Dairy Ease is manufactured and distributed by WhiteWave Foods Company. Yes, that's the same company that makes Silk brand soy milks. And International Delight nondairy flavored creamers. You won't see that on the front of the package. Look at the top and you'll see the familiar name and logo of Land O'Lakes, the butter people. No conspiracy here. All these brands are owned (or marketed) by the giant Dean Foods Company, the largest dairy processor and distributor in the world.

So why can't the largest milk producer in the U.S. get its lactose free milk into more stores? Beats me. Maybe not enough of you ask your local supermarket for it.

Dairy Ease makes it easy for you with a printable request form at:

For other information, either go to the Dairy Ease contact page or use the following non-Internet methods.

1-800-878-9762 (weekdays 8am to 5pm CT, excluding holidays).

WhiteWave Foods Company
Consumer Affairs
12002 Airport Way
Broomfield CO 80021

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! I have been searching High and Low. Gave out the Product Request Forms Years Ago to other Grocery Stores. Walmart has stopped carrying Dairy Ease to replace it with one of THEIR Lactose Free Brand. Considering Walmart could BARELY keep Dairy Ease on the shelf I can't see how they would discontinue such a product and keep the Lactaid. That's Just Sad & Unacceptable.

I do THANK YOU for this post, I called my Local Trader Joes, who does have it in stock and I can EVEN Make a special order and they will order a whole CASE for me. 8 Half Gallons come in a case. Now that's just Awesome!! Trader Joes Rock!!!!

DDC from Charlotte, NC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on Trader Joe's handling Dairy Ease. WalMart is self centered on profit and my guess is they could not get enough blood out of Dairy Ease.

Jan said...

I have beecn unable to find Dairy Ease at my local supermarkets, Dillons and Walmart. I have had to buy Kroger Lactose Free instead, and it tastes nasty! I love Dairy Ease! Even the fat free one tastes rich, and good! I will use the request form and hope the managers of these stores will once again carry DE!!

Anonymous said...

I NEED TO FIND OUT WHO CARRIES THIS MILK...THE DAIRY EASY 100%LACTOSE FREE...i waas on meds be for i fount this milk m=now its gone

Anonymous said...

I heartily agree with the praises of Dairy Ease!!! I was so stunned when I found out that Walmart no longer carried my favorite lactose-free brand that I stood for a good 10 minutes staring at the shelves to find a suitable replacement. Of course, there was no suitable replacement there, or at any other store. I,too, had lost hope that I would ever find my Dairy Ease again.

Thanks so much for the information! I can have cereal again! :)

RJH from Lima, OH

Anonymous said...

As of 9-22-2009, my mom found Dairy Ease at a store called Food Fair on Ella and 1960 in the Houston area. Since Wal-mart stopped carrying it, it has been a real challenge to find it. Hopefully this will be helpful to anyone who was searching for Dairy Ease.

-Shaun Williams
Tomball, Texas

Anonymous said...

Absolutely SPECTACULAR!!! Igoogle everything else I decided to google Dairy Ease n lo and behold you still sell it!
I too stood in front of the milk shelves for about 10 minutes at Wal Mart one day stunned because I couldn't figure out why it was taking so long for the order to arrive! Little did I know they stopped carrying it. Thanks for your feedback all you DE lovers!

Anonymous said...

I just found this at a Brookshire Brothers in a small town - and it was on clearance for only $1.60 a carton! (with 3 weeks b4 expiration date) I just got one since i never had it b4 - tastes great! Going back tonight to get several more...

Unknown said...

I found Dairy Easy lactose free milk at a store in Los Angeles california I also been searching for this delicious healthy and tasty milk and couldn't find it any where here is the Name of the store Prime Time Nutrition you could google and find this stores in california

Sunny said...

I think they should have stores at each and every corner because there are whole lots of people having lactose intolerance issue. In India, we have Amul lactose free milk available easily online as well as in stores.