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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Turtles All the Way Down ... the Gullet

Long, long ago, the dairy lobby got federal and state laws and regulations galore to ensure that no substitute product could ever be mistaken for the real thing. So the soy world is stuck with descriptions like "Organic Soy Delicious non-dairy frozen dessert of the chocolate chip variety."

It's a mouthful, albeit one that many people find flavorful. Like Sarah Jowett at the American Chronicle.

What it REALLY is, in simple terms, is an ice cream cookie sandwich with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies... but with no dairy products in the ice cream or cookies, and made with USDA certified organic ingredients.

Located in Oregon, Turtle Mountain has been making natural and organic dairy-free products that are distributed throughout the US and other countries like Japan and the UK since 1987. I am not sure this product is made anymore as it's no where on their web site but they do have regular organic non-dairy ice cream sandwiches in vanilla, chocolate, mint and Neapolitan.

So why write about then?

Never mind, I probably don't want to know the answer.

Anyway, Turtle Mountain products are found on the website.

They include the Its Soy Delicious, So Delicious, Purely Decadent, and Sweet Nothings brand names. I don't see any Soy Delicious cookie treats on the website either. In fact, the "ice cream" sandwich equivalents are from the So Delicious brand. Its Soy Delicious are all pints of non-dairy frozen dessert.

Products come and go. The cookies were first announced in 2002 and apparently have been discontinued since then. I'll be taking them off my Nondairy Milk Alternatives - Frozen Desserts page in my Product Clearinghouse.

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