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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Secondary Lactose Intolerance

Most people in the world have what is known as primary lactose intolerance. That means they are genetically destined to lose the ability to manufacture the lactase enzyme that digests lactose as they grow older.

That's not the only route to LI, though. Anybody of any genetic heritage can lose the ability to manufacture lactase if surgery, disease, drugs, or other catastrophic events disrupt the intestines.

Here's an example taken from an article written by Ellen Rowland in the Hagerstown MD Herald-Mail.

Since my bariatric surgery Feb. 20, I have lost 50 pounds. I am very happy with that. Most people tell me that they can see a difference. ...

Do I have any regrets having this surgery done? No. I am pleased with the way things have turned out. If you were to ask me early in April, my answer might have been different because I was getting nauseated and didn't know why. Now, I feel great. ...

I am eating solid foods, and for the most part, I digest them well, as long as I chew thoroughly and eat slowly. I know when my stomach is full and I just push the plate away, because if I were to continue eating I'd just throw up. It's not worth it. ...

I also discovered that I am now lactose intolerant. I became sick to my stomach after I would drink my protein shake and sometimes whatever I ate. But I do not drink milk much anyway, so that is not a great loss.

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