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Friday, March 16, 2007

GoDairyFree Monthly Food Prize

The ever-busy Alisa Fleming of has a new promotion happening at her site.

Here's the whole press release:

Las Vegas, NV, March 16, 2007 --(PR.COM)-- The informational website, has launched a monthly prize giveaway within their line up of new offerings. Each month one newsletter subscriber is chosen at random to receive a gift package from the sponsoring food company. All prizes are dairy-free, and many are also vegan, gluten-free, kosher certified, and/or food allergy friendly.

“Our goal is to provide dairy-free, vegan, and special diet consumers with as many great food options as possible. We thought monthly prize giveaways would be a fun way to introduce some of the specialty food manufacturers,” said Alisa Fleming, the website’s founder and author of the book “Dairy Free Made Easy.”

The March prize will be provided by Divvies, a producer of food allergy-friendly cupcakes, cookies, candy, and popcorn. Divvies’ product line is vegan, kosher certified, and free of dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts. Nonetheless, these Disney World approved treats will likely please all sweets cravings and partygoers, food allergy or not. The drawing for the Divvies prize will occur on March 19. If you do not enter in time, just use the coupon code DairyFree10 at to purchase any of their goodies at 10% off.

Future monthly giveaways seem to be equally enticing. On tap for April is Namaste Foods (, purveyors of gluten-free, dairy-free pasta and baking mixes. Their products are also vegan, kosher-certified, and free of several food allergens including soy, corn, and nuts. For May, NoNuttin’ Foods ( of Canada will make a prize offering from among their selection of natural granola bars, snacks, and baking ingredients.

The Go Dairy Free newsletter is sent out once per month with recipes, nutrition news, product reviews, and special offers. Visit to register. Newsletter sign-up requires only a valid email address, so that the winner may be reached successfully.

Go Dairy Free was created as a central resource for special diet consumers. Reader feedback, ratings, and comments are welcome throughout the website. "Dairy Free Made Easy," a limited run publication, is currently available to purchase directly from, or via

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