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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lactose Is not Milk Allergy

I'm not sure I'd trust my medical news from a site named At least not medical news about humans.

Take the big news about a story of ancient bones in Europe that I've been covering in DNA Lactose Surprise? Not to Me. and DNA Lactose Surprise Follow-up.

The Dog flu people wrote a story on it too, called Milk Allergy May Come From Our Ancestors.

And they said:

Studying DNA from skelatal remains from ancient European times has allowed researchers to learn that a common milk allergy may have originated with them.

Lactose intolerance is not milk allergy. They are two totally separate conditions, handled in totally different ways in the body. There have been dozens of articles on this appearing in the past few days. All you had to do was read even one.

You also got the results mixed up. And you even spelled skeletons as "skelatons" and skeletal as "skelatal." Three times.


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