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Sunday, January 18, 2009 Such a Deal!

The site is a vast array selling multitudes of kosher foods, which of course includes many foods that are pareve (parve) or neutral. Neutral meaning they contain neither meat nor dairy and so may be eaten with any meal. (Fish does not count as meat, so vegans need to be cautious about a small proportion of pareve items.)

To get more people to turn to, the site "will pay anyone a $18 bonus for referring friends who purchase $100 or more of products on their site. The friend will also receive an 18% discount on his or her first order."

How do you do this? As the press release said:

To participate, visit, register an account and sign up for the Refer-a-Friend program. Registered users can also see their order history, re-order from past orders and receive an e-mail newsletter with specials, discounts and recipes.

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