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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vegan Ice Cream Shop

Lots of vegan ice cream substitutes have entered the market. I recently wrote about Turtle Mountain's coconut milk froze dessert product line, and that's certainly not the first or only post I could mention.

But a whole shop devoted to nothing but vegan "ice creams"? That's something you won't see in too many places outside such incredibly hit depots of consumering as New York Lower East Side.

Florence Fabricant wrote about it in The New York Times.

Malcolm Stogo has a job most people would envy: he’s an ice cream consultant. Now his name is on a vegan ice cream shop in the East Village.

Rob Sedgwick, an actor, owns it with Steve Horn, a restaurateur.

Ice creams made from soy milk, nut milks and coconut milk are made by Mr. Horn according to Mr. Stogo’s formulas. The smooth, creamy, gelato-style ice creams, all sweetened with agave, come in a dozen flavors. Mango, peach and mixed berry would probably please lovers of traditional high-fat ice cream. ...

Stogo is at 159 Second Avenue (the entrance is on East 10th Street), (212) 677-2301.

Prices range up to $6.25 for a cup. Toppings are extra. Of course, if you have to ask how much it is...

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