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Sunday, January 25, 2009

LI Celebrity Alert: Dustin Lance Black

Ever since the film Milk opened, the headline punsters had been bombarding me with lactose puns. Yes, I take it personally. I have Google News set to dredge up every reference to lactose made by anyone in the inner solar system. When I have to wade through these jokes to get to the stuff worth sharing with you my annoyance level, normally at incendiary on a good day, goes past fission and into sun's core.

And yet, here's the extreme irony. Dustin Lance Black, the now-Oscar nominated screenwriter of Milk, has just revealed that he is, yes, lactose intolerant. He apparently made the comment at a screenwriters' panel at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

At least, I think and hope he did. Scott Feinberg posted this bit on trivia on the Los Angeles Times blogs today, but they've already pulled the link. Does that mean Black was making a joke that Feinberg fell for and had to squelch?

Let's hope not. Good irony is hard to find. And I deserve some reward for my efforts.

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