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Monday, September 14, 2009

CrazyAllergyGirl Gluten-Free Recipe Blog is a community based gluten free recipe search engine for the food lovers with multiple food allergies. Visitors to the site can find delicious recipes from some of the best food-based websites. Members may even create a recipe and post it on the website. There are recipes categorized on the basis of allergies such as corn-free, diabetic, dairy-free, egg-free, high-fiber, lactose-free, low sodium, low sugar, vegan, etc.

That sounds like press release prose because it is. It's from the CrazyAllergyGirl gluten-free website announcing a new sister site. has been designed as a community-based gluten-free recipe search engine and editorial resource that aims to serve to food lovers all over the world. The site has handy information, specifically aimed at helping those trying to cope with food allergies or food intolerance. The website also comprises useful food recipe links from some of the top food sites on the Internet. Food lovers can easily locate their favorite food recipes from this database and the site allows users to upload and share their favorite recipes with others. By creating a free account, members can share recipes as well as modify the existing results, add title, descriptions and recipe links to the website.

All the visitors to can add, vote, and comment on the recipe search results that come up. The users may also modify existing recipe results on the site. The order of the search results depends on how well the community has specified the title, description and tags for the result. aims to build a food loving, gluten-free and corn-free community, much akin to its parent site, For further information, visit the website

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