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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Frozen Yogurt. Not Lactose-Free.

Some things that sound too good to be true probably are.

Emily Moore did a review of local Tuscon frozen yogurt shops for her student newspaper, the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

For Yogurt Delight she wrote:

The menu changes daily and they offer three main types of yogurt: regular non-fat (dairy based), Wow Cow!™ (lactose free and sweetened with fructose), and Skinny Mini™ (lactose free and sweetened with Splenda™).

Several problems here. First, Skinny Mini, trademarked or not, is spelled Skinny Minnie. Second, neither Skinny Minnie nor Wow Cow are frozen yogurts. They are soft serves, a totally different product.

And they don't seem to be lactose-free either. It's not easy to find up-to-date information on these products they are sold only to commercial stores and aren't standard supermarket consumer products - but these pages from Red's Dairy Freeze seem to be pretty good.

Skinny Minnie contains nonfat dry milk, whey protein concentrate, and cream powder. Wow Cow has whey and cultured yogurt solids.

Paradise Yogurt of San Diego claims that the whey is delactosed, but includes nonfat dry milk as another ingredient.

Several sites say that Wow Cow is considered a low lactose product and make the sam claim as Paradise Yogurt that Wow Cow "can be enjoyed by most lactose intolerants." That's almost certainly true, but is not exactly the same as lactose-free

If you're looking to avoid lactose I would avoid both of these products until you get more information on them.

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