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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Yugoslavian Lactose-Free Milk

Seems to be a boom in European products for the lactose intolerant. Following yesterday's discovery of a Dutch manufacturer of lactase capsules comes the announcement of a new lactose-free milk.

What looks to be a press release is brief but to the point.

Imlek has presented a new product in its portfolio, Moja Kravica lactose-free milk, for all persons with intolerance to milk sugar, i.e. lactose.

This easily digestible product of Imlek will enable all milk consumers to enjoy its taste and beneficial effects, free of discomfort caused by lactose in ordinary milk.

Moja Kravica lactose-free milk is rich with calcium, proteins, vitamins, and lactic acid, and in addition to a good taste, it is ideal for any time of a day and for all those with developed intolerance to lactose and people who take care of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and consumption of milk, as an important source of calcium.

Imlek the company is located in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Those familiar with the language can take a look at the company's website and tell me what exactly the crocodile superhero is promoting.

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