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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New European Maker of Lactase Products

Remko Hiemstra, the owner and founder, emailed me to let me know about DISOLUT® (DIetary SOLUTions), founded last July 2008.

He's lactose intolerant himself and so he created the firm knowing about the need for more lactase products in Europe. He's starting with DISOLACT® lactase capsules. In a few months he also plans to introduce DISOLACT®-drops, lactase drops.

For now the company only sells through the Internet and though some Dutch pharmacies. He hopes to increase the availability in the future.

The Dutch lactose intolerance site did a review of the product for those of you who speak Dutch.

He does have an English language site and you can order a free 3 capsule sample from that site.

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