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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Allergy Safe Family Food

Allergies are a worldwide problem. According to this Reuters article, Australia has the highest incidence of food allergies, with 5% of children suffering from food allergies.

As always, a concerned parent took the lead in developing a range of foods her children could eat.

A registered nurse and midwife, [Suzanna] Paxton started collecting recipes from friends and family after her son and daughter were found to be allergic to 7 of the 8 foods that cause problems: nuts, eggs, milk, soy, sesame seeds, wheat, fish and shellfish.

Paxson wrote a 185-recipe cookbook, Allergy Safe Family Food. She designed it to make substitutions simple.
"My goal has always been to put together a meal that's good for my family, that doesn't cost the earth, that looks good, tastes good, is easy to prepare and is safe. And once you've been diagnosed by a doctor and know what you're allergic too, there are a range of substitutes and also ways of getting around it. Every recipe is coded, so you quickly see if it contains something you're allergic to, and also there is a shopping guide and information about anaphylaxis. I wanted to make information easily accessible."

Here's the book's page from the publisher, HarperCollins Australia.

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