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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free Ice Cream for Dogs? Bad Idea, Bad, Bad Idea.

In the "oh, good grief" corner of the news today, we find a little item on the WOWT television, Council Bluffs, Iowa website. People news is always popular. Pet news even more so. So why shouldn't a tv station help shill a local promotion?

What better way to cool off on a warm summer day than with an ice cream cone. And while you’re enjoying a cool treat, a Council Bluffs ice cream shop doesn’t want you to forget your four-legged friend. They are offering free ice cream for dogs.

Christy Creme, 2853 North Broadway in Council Bluffs, is celebrating the “Dog Days of Summer” August 11th and 12th. When a customer buys an ice cream cone, they get a free one for their pet.

“Dogs love ice cream as much as their masters do,” said Christy Creme owner Dave Christiansen. “Our rules are very simple. The pet must be leashed. The pet must be present. And the pet must not bite the hand that feeds it, especially if it’s my hand.”

Christiansen says the event has been going on for more than 30 years. He expects a large turnout both evenings. He says some owners even dress up their pets for the occasion.

What's wrong with this wonderful tradition?

Dogs are lactose intolerant. You should never feed ice creams to dogs.

Fortunately, at least half the comments on that page give the same warning. A Planet Lactose salute to those who know enough and care enough about their pets to understand that they are not miniature furry people.

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