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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gluten Free Cooking Expo

If you're anywhere near Chicago this weekend, you should drop in to the Gluten Free Cooking Expo going on at the Wyndham Hotel, Lisle, Illinois.

The Gluten Free Expo Includes:

•Two full-days of gluten-free/dairy-free cooking demonstrations by notable chefs, cookbook authors and nutritionists

•Printed recipes so you can follow along, take notes and ask questions about successful replacement ingredients for common allergens such as soy, sugar, egg, dairy and corn

•Learning how to prepare each dish, and getting the chance to taste them as well

•Gourmet Gluten Free Dairy Free lunch will be provided

•All Expo Attendees will take home a gift bag of great gluten-free products, literature and offers

There are a bunch of events aimed at kids and families as well.

Can't make it this year? It's an annual event, so mark it on your calendar. Or just go over to the site and take a look at the recipes that are being posted there. Or share your own.

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