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Monday, February 12, 2007

'Get Uncorked and Go to Cork!'

I missed scooping the world. Dovid from Ganeden Biotech, the makers of Digestive Advantage, sent me advance word on their new contest on Friday and I put off dealing with it until I had a few minutes to look it over. Ah well, so the press release snuck out just a few minutes ago before I could post this here.

You're still among the very first to get the word, though.

I'll put it out straight: the jokes will write themselves.

Digestive Advantage is promoting its Constipation Therapy probiotic capsules with a story contest on constipation. Grand Prize is a trip to Cork, Ireland. Hence the contest name. 'Get Uncorked and Go to Cork!'

(Dovid is a copywriter, BTW. How much credit or blame he gets for the slogan is yet to be determined.)

Go to the contest site and you'll see the details:

Create a fun story centered on constipation – extra points will be awarded if it takes place in Cork County or Cork, Ireland.

The story should be no longer than 800 words. Be a little unconventional. But, keep it clean and fun. And if you think a photo will enhance your story, feel free to send that as well.

Grand Prize: A trip for two to Cork, Ireland, including roundtrip airfare and hotel!


Submit your story either electronically or by mail.
Entries can be sent to:


Ganeden Biotech, Inc.
5915 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 304
Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124

Five finalists will be selected by a panel of judges. Those five essays will be posted online from April 30 through May 11, 2007 at where consumers will vote to select the Grand Prize winner. The winner will be announced on or about May 31, 2007.

No purchase necessary and there is no cost to enter the contest. Promotion ends April 20, 2007. Must be 21 to enter. Complete Official Rules.

Void where prohibited.

All submissions become the property of Ganeden Biotech, Inc.

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