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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Watch Out for Sugars Other Than Lactose

I keep telling people there are hundreds of foods that can cause intestinal symptoms similar to those of lactose intolerance. You can't blame everything on dairy.

Now here's a doctor who has the smarts to agree with me.

This is from the website of a TV station in Dallas, Doctor: Stomach Trouble Should Not Go Untreated:

Dr. Lawrence Schiller, of Baylor Dallas, said stomach problems could be serious.

Schiller said sufferers should first examine their diets. If stomach pains develop after eating carbohydrates, the cause could be complex-carbohydrate intolerance, he said.

Sensitivity to dairy could mean lactose intolerance, he said.

The fructose in fruit can cause bloating or cramping, he said. He recommended eating protein alongside fruit to help absorb the fructose.

Technically, true fructose intolerance is fairly rare. But a slight sensitivity to it probably is far more common.

I hate to tell people not to eat fruit. Strive for five, and all that. But if it does bother you, make it part of a meal.

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