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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Liddells: Australian Line of Lactose-Free Dairy Products

I had a brief note last year, Vaalia Introduces Lactose Free Yoghurt in Australia that also mentioned the Zymil line of lactose-free milks.

I don't pop over to Australia much, so I'm dependent on readers to let me know what the situation is for people with lactose intolerance who live there.

Shaine sent me an email alerting me to Liddell's lactose-free milk. Thanks, Shaine.

Turns out that Liddell's has a whole line of lactose-free dairy products, available there and some also in New Zealand.

They include:

  • Full Cream Lactose Free Milk
  • Lactose Free Low Fat Milk
  • Lactose Free Skim Milk
  • Lactose Free Chocolate Flavoured Milk
  • Lactose Free Yoghurt - Wild Berry & Apricot
  • Lactose Free Yoghurt - Plain
  • Lactose Free Lite Cream
  • Lactose Free Lite Sour Cream

As always, if you know of more lactose-free products - from Australia, New Zealand or any country under the sun - let me know and I'll publicize them here.

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Matt said...

I would really like to know weather any of these products are available in new zealand other than the milk.
My dad has had lactose intolerance for about 8 years now and he wishes he could eat yogurt again. :|)
can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you can buy the yoghurt and cream products in NZ. Can anyone out there help?

Barb said...

Yes I would love to know also as like everyone am lactose interlerant too.

charliecharlie22 said...

Hi just wondering if you'll be bringing a lactose free full cream sour cream and cream