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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Baby Formula Comparison Charts

There is no one right way to imitate mother's milk in a baby formula. And that's not even looking at the fundamental question of whether it is to be cow's milk-based, soy-based, or based on hydrolyzed proteins. A multitude of nutrients can be added and those in a variety of portions and amounts. The complexities are enormous and each family has to decide for themselves which combination works best for their child, and for their budget.

The Nature's One firm makes baby formulas. I don't know anything about them; this is not a recommendation or endorsement, nor do I have anything against them.

What I can say is that they feature a nutritional comparison page that offers charts in Abode's .pdf format that compare their formulas' nutrient composition against a number of other brand name formulas in the categories of dairy, soy, and organic formulas and oral electrolytes.

The charts look to be both comprehensive and informative. It may be useful to print them out and study them for guidance when you look into the question of formulas for your baby.

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