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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Benecol Adds Tropical Fruit Flavored Soy Drinks

Benecol, the European giant of cholesterol-lowering margarine fame (see Functional Nondairy Makes Europe Healthier), has announced a soy drink that also says it lowers "bad" cholesterol.

The press release I found at says:

Responding to a customer need to produce a product suitable for over seven million people in the UK who are either lactose intolerant, or just wishing to avoid dairy for ethical or health reasons, Benecol have designed a dairy-free tropical drink.

Customers can enjoy just one healthy and nutritious mini bottle of Benecol Tropical Fruit & Soya Drink a day for a simple, delicious way to lower their cholesterol.

Only Benecol foods contain the unique active ingredient Plant Stanol Ester, which has been clinically proven to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol by up to 14% in over 30 scientific studies. All the products in the range contain this unique ingredient and just one bottle of Benecol Tropical Fruit & Soya Drink with a meal is enough to lower cholesterol to help maintain a healthy heart.

The benefits of the new Tropical Fruit & Soya Drink are:

- Low in saturated fat
- Lactose free
- Made from non-GM soya
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Just 30 Calories per drink
- Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol

The perfect choice for those looking for a dairy free cholesterol-lowering product.

Benecol was first launched in Finland in 1995, after a public health initiative to lower the nation’s cholesterol. After its pioneering success in Finland, Benecol became the first product of its kind available in the UK and Ireland in 1999 – maintaining a strong commitment to keeping hearts healthy. The Benecol range now includes tasty yogurts, yogurt drinks and spreads.

Some Benecol products have made their way to the US, so we'll have have to wait and see if and when these arrive.

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