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Friday, June 22, 2007

Soyatoo Nondairy Whipped Soy Topping

I recently discovered that Now and Zen, the maker of Hip Whip whipped topping, no longer seems to be in business.

While I was trying to discern that company's fate, I stumbled across a reference to a replacement item that sounds even better: Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™.

At the company's website, Soyatoo is described as:

»Real cream at last!« A dream come true for everyone who wants or has to avoid dairy products.

Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™ is the first completely vegetarian whipped cream. It behaves and tastes just like normal whipped cream, but it contains no milk or any other animal ingredients.

Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™:

▪ is 100 % vegan & free of cholesterol
▪ contains 40 % less fat than classic whipped cream
▪ is gluten free
▪ contains 0% trans fat and is heart-healthy
▪ is perfect with fruit, desserts & beverages
▪ has incredible flavor and texture and no soy bean taste
▪ comes in a practical spray can

Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™ is the culmination of creative know how of the company, which is based on twenty-five years of experience in soy products. Soyatoo!® Soy Whip™ is a significant step forward for non-dairy milk and cream alternatives.

Calling it "real cream" is one of my pet peeves, but I suppose if those of us who are lactose intolerant or dairy allergic think of it as resembling in taste and/or appearance real cream, it's acceptable puffery. But real should be reserved for real, darn it.

Ingredients are:
organic soy milk (water, soybeans), organic coconut oil, organic fractionated palm kernel oil, organic sugar-beet syrup, organic maltodextrin*, tartaric acid, carrageenan, sea salt, natural vanilla flavour // propellant: nitrous oxide

Soyatoo is available at specialty stores and at larger retailers like Whole Foods.

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Cyn-fully-Delicous said...

This is a great product. Tastes amazingly like whipped cream. I use it on my Polar Explosions frozen fruit drinks.

Cyn-fully-Delicous said...

Soyatoo is a great product. It's taste and texture is amazingly like dairy whipped cream. I use it to top my Polar Explosions frozen fruit drinks.