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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Blog

One of the Gaggle of Girls on the North Shore has a family with gluten and casein allergy issues.

She's just posted part 1 in a series: "Starting to eat a Restricted Diet."

If you are just starting a restricted diet, everything looks overwhelming. That’s why most people suggest following a simple diet - protein, starch, vegetable, fruit. Roasted chicken served with sweet potato and roasted vegetables is safe for most restricted diets (drizzle olive oil & kosher salt on the chicken & vegetables), as is a grilled steak, salad, and hand-cut steak fries. For a vegetarian option, a nice lentil soup or tofu stir fry (watch out for wheat in the soy sauce, though!) is also easy and safe for most restricted diets.


Most food can be made safe for your diet - you just have to try.

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