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Friday, December 21, 2007

Learn to Make Soymilk at Home - From YouTube

How many kabillion videos are there on YouTube? I'm sure not even the YouTubers know, because while you just read that sentence another jillion or so were uploaded.

It didn't occur to me to turn to YouTube for getting cooking demonstrations, but then I'm probably the last American never to have seen a show on the Food Channel either.

But a random link alerted me to videos about making soymilk at home. And a quick search showed that some two dozen options are available.

The first one to come up is from a blog, The Daily English Show, which describes itself as "The Daily English Show is the world's first daily online English language show."

Anyhow, show #424 is titled, simply, How to make soymilk.

The Everyday Dish people also have one called Homemade Soymilk. Don't you love informative titles? Everyday Dish is a vegan cooking show that shows its audience how to prepare "meals with whole grains, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables, along with tofu, tempeh, seitan and to die for desserts."

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