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Friday, December 07, 2007

Mrs. Crimble's Goes Dairy-Free

With a name like Mrs. Crimble's, has it got to be good?

Don't know, but the UK baked goods firm is now making many of its product dairy-free as well as gluten-free and wheat-free.

You knew there was a press release around here somewhere:

Following the successful launch of its wheat and gluten free 4 pack Bakewell slices last year the Mrs Crimble's brand has expanded its 4-pack cake range further with 2 new tasty additions.

Mrs Crimble’s 4 Country Slices and 4 Lemon and Coconut Slices which are both wheat and gluten free but also now dairy free!

Mrs Crimble’s has now established itself as the UK’s key wheat and gluten free brand with many of its products now dairy free as well.

It already boasts the top selling wheat and gluten free cake in the UK with its Mrs Crimble’s Large Choc macaroons and has used simple and innovative marketing campaigns to build consumer loyalty.


The 4 Mrs Crimble’s Lemon and Coconut slices have a moist sponge base, a tangy lemon jam filling and are topped with glazed lemon pieces. Whilst the Mrs Crimble’s Country Slices are a rich moist fruitcake slice packed with sultanas and sprinkled with sugar.

Both these high quality products come in 4 packs and they retail at £1.49p.

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