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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Vegan Super Bowl Treats

C'mon. I know you really watch the Super Bowl just for the ads. That leaves oodles of time for eating while watching grown men fall down a lot.

I've scouted out a range of vegan treats (some that call for optional cheese for the vegetarians) that are less filling, but taste great. Or something like that.

Gail's Sugar Cookies must be good because they're reprinted all over the internet. has a full menu of goodies, including Flaming Firehouse Chili, 'Chili-Cheese' Fries, Greektown Pizza, Seven-Layer Mexican Dip, Kickoff Chick’n, Halftime Hero Sandwiches, and Fireballs.

Another full slate comes from Alison Tyler at Red, Gold, Black and Green Chili, Honolulu Skillet Beans, Crispy Black Bean Corn Cakes, Giant Chocolate-Toffee Cookies, and a variety of dips and spreads.

Need some romance after a long day of being tube-glued? Try the vegan Amaretto-spiked chocolate mousse at

Or just save all these for those huge blow-out Pro Bowl bash that will be blitzing you before you realize it.

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