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Thursday, June 04, 2009

June Is Dairy Alternative Month - Or Is It?

June is National Dairy Month. So naturally, June is also Dairy Alternative Month. Says who? The Vegan Awareness Network or VEGANET.

And who are VEGANET? You got me. They must be the only organization outside of the Unified Network of Unabombers who don't maintain a website. Apparently all they do is send out press release announcing months.

Like this one from 2004:

Vegan Month (November 1-30)
This outreach event encourages everyone to GO VEGAN! Vegans choose to neither eat nor use any animal products (e.g., meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, eggs, gelatin, leather, fur, etc). A growing number of caring, compassionate people are adopting this conscientious lifestyle. Primarily ethical reasons, but also health and envrionmental [sic] concerns, motivate them to GO VEGAN. For information: VEGANET, P.O. Box 3545, Washington, DC 20007-0045. Phone: (877) GO-VEGAN.

Last year they called the antimatter Dairy Month the No Dairy Month. That didn't seem to catch on. Dairy Alternative Month is a much better name.

It hasn't picked up much traction, although a few blogs are using it as springboards for vegan proselytizing or the more sensible, um, dairy alternatives.

Just so you know, I list dozens of dairy alternative products in my Product Clearinghouse.

And if anyone can give me more information on the mysterious VEGANET (or the similarly-named organization based in Knoxville) I'd like to know.

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