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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Everything® Gluten-Free Cookbook

When I was checking out The Everything Lactose-Free Cookbook for yesterday's post, I discovered that the same publisher had several years earlier published a similar volume, The Everything® Gluten-Free Cookbook: 300 appetizing recipes tailored to you needs! by Rick Marx and Nancy T. Maar.

Product Description
If you're one of the millions of people affected by Celiac Disease or a gluten/wheat allergy, The Everything® Gluten-Free Cookbook is your complete resource for great-tasting, gluten-free meals. Complete with 300 recipes especially created with your needs in mind, you'll find many options for healthy, tasty eating. From pasta casseroles and creamy soups to cakes, cobblers, and vegetarian fare, The Everything® Gluten-Free Cookbook offers instructions on preparing meals perfect for family dinners and special occasions.

Features recipes for:
Yellow Squash and Apple Soup
Shrimp and Lobster Salad
Spicy Cornbread Stuffed with Chilies
Curried Lamb Grilled on Skewers
Turkey and Fruit with Wild Rice
Chocolate Mint Swirl Cheesecake with Chocolate Nut Crust

In addition to these mouth-watering meals, you'll also find resources for buying gluten-free ingredients, suggestions for parent-approved kids' snacks, and entertaining tips for sit-down dinners, children's birthday parties, and more. Whether you're planning everyday meals or cooking for a crowd, The Everything® Gluten-Free Cookbook is packed with a flavorful variety of foods to tantalize your taste buds and fit your dietary needs!

About the Authors
Rick Marx is the author of The Everything® Grilling Cookbook. He currently edits two monthly magazines, The Westchester County Times and The Fairfield County Times, serving audiences in New York and Connecticut, respectively. Informally known as "The Grillmaster," he was featured on CNBC and The Discovery Channel for his "everyman" attitude and facility behind the grill. He resides in Katonah, NY.

Nancy T. Maar has written about food, health and nutrition for more than twenty years. She has written for magazines and newspapers on food, events, business, and restaurants.

I didn't have a chance to check this cookbook out personally so I do know if there are similar quirks inside like those of the Everything Lactose-Free Cookbook. But I warn you to check out every cookbook carefully before you buy because each and every one has some quirks, flaws, and idiosyncrasies.

Adams Media paperback
304 pages
List price: $15.95

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