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Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Wheat No Dairy No Problem

Susie Iventosch of the El Dorado Hills Telegraph wrote a great review of Lauren Hoover's No Wheat No Dairy No Problem cookbook.

Have you ever tried a wheat-free, dairy-free recipe only to discover it tastes like a cardboard copy of real food, lacking the key attributes of flavor and texture? If so, Lauren Hoover has just the cookbook for you.

“No Wheat No Dairy No Problem” is a revolutionary cookbook filled with 150 tested recipes that, in addition to being wheat and dairy-free, use only unrefined sugars, so diabetics can enjoy them, too.

As happens so often, Hoover herself suffers from these allergies.
Hoover, a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, wrote this book so people with limited diets and food issues won’t unnecessarily be deprived of the recipes and foods they’ve grown to love — like ice cream!

"I suffered stomach aches and congestion my whole life, until I was finally diagnosed with a dairy allergy at the age of 35," she said. "As a pastry chef, I was overexposed to wheat, which resulted in a wheat allergy, too."

Prior to her diagnosis, Hoover had grown weary of her daily discomfort and thought, "it can’t be normal to feel like this all the time." So she made a concerted effort to find out what was wrong with her. Her research pointed to a possible wheat allergy. Later, an internist who ordered blood work revealed a dairy allergy. Within six weeks of cutting out dairy and wheat, Hoover had a new lease on life.

"The stomach aches and congestion went away and I had more energy than ever before," she explained. "But the foods I was able to eat on my new regime often tasted like cardboard. So I started converting old favorites into new edibles for me."

Unfortunately, Hoover is one of those people who believe that a GFCF diet helps autism, although there is still no sound medical evidence for that.

No Wheat No Dairy No Problem was self-published through iUniverse. It's a 340 page paperback with a list price of $23.95. You can purchase it through Amazon.

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