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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Line of Indian Dairy-Free Cookies

India is a huge country with a billion people and seemingly a billion culinary traditions. Some Indian cuisines avoid milk, some incorporate it heavily. The British colonization also left a long history of western-style food choices and adaptations.

Sunira foods, part of the Chamaria Group, recently introduced a new line of special diet cookies. The press release, which I found on, said that Sunira:

recently launched hi-fibre, eggless, wheat free cookies. The newly launched range is available in two delicious flavours including chocofudge cookies and butter cookies under the brand, Heal‘thySelf.

Formulated with special care and nutrition, these cookies contain vitamins and minerals. In addition, the chocofudge cookies are also milk free. Other offerings from the Heal‘thySelf range include Healthy Atta, Sorghum Sooji, Dalia, Gluten free Maida (which also makes bread) and Cake Mixes.

Some of these other products are also dairy-free, according to their website.

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