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Monday, October 04, 2010

Smart Balance Adds Another Lactose-Free Milk

Late last year I told you about the line of Smart Balance lactose-free products.

Their lactose-free fat-free milk with omega-3s was just rolling out at that point. I guess it was a success. Not only is it now available nationwide, but they've introduced a companion lactose-free milk. Here's the press release.

Smart Balance, Inc. is launching Smart Balance™ Lactose-Free Fat Free and Calcium milk, the latest addition to its popular line of enhanced milks and innovative heart healthier products. ...

Like all of the fat free milks in the Smart Balance line of enhanced milks, the lactose-free milks have the rich, creamy taste of 2% without the saturated fat. Our new Smart Balance™ Lactose-Free Fat Free and Calcium milk has 75% more calcium and 20% more protein than whole milk. The added calcium is great for those who avoid dairy and have a hard time getting enough calcium for healthy bones.

Also available nationwide is Smart Balance™ Lactose-Free Fat Free and Omega-3s milk, which has the added benefits of Omega-3s as well as 20% more protein and 20% more calcium than regular milk. It provides an excellent source of heart-healthy EPA/DHA Omega-3s (32 mg per serving, 20% of the 160 mg daily value).

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Steinar Belland said...

Maybe you have some answars for me. Why am I getting so tired when I for a period of several days are drinking milk, can that be because of the lactose. someone knows ?
Maybe some other readers have the same problem.

Best regards

Steinar Belland

Steve Carper said...

I can't think of any reason why lactose would cause this.

This is a slight possibility that an allergy to milk protein might be having an effect. This would be very unusual, but allergies can manifest themselves in odd ways.

Few people drink milk without also having many other sources of dairy in their diet. How much other dairy do you have, how often, and what kinds?