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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Smart Balance Lactose-Free Products

Browsing around the supermarket today, I ran into Smart Beat cheese. That reminded me that I haven't talked about the company for a while, a company that has a whole range of lactose-free products.

The actual company name is Smart Balance.

Here's a list of the lactose-free products I can find at that site.

Smart Beat® Fat Free Slices
(Enjoy this lactose-free alternative to ordinary cheese and you’ll get calcium and protein – with no fat – at only 25 calories per slice. Smart Beat® Fat Free Slices are certified by the American Heart Association. They’re also certified Kosher.)

Smart Balance™ Lactose-Free Fat Free Milk, with Omega-3's & Vitamin E
(Milk is currently available in FL, ME, RI, MA, CT, NY (Metro NY and Albany), NJ, VT, NH, and GA (Publix in Atlanta).)

Smart Balance® Organic Buttery Spread
(This all-natural, certified organic, 79% vegetable oil Spread tastes and cooks like rich butter, but is 100% vegan.)

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